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Did you know that the Livingston County Habitat for Humanity programs have grown by leaps and bounds?

Thanks to the community outreach and amazing friends like you, we have more than doubled out A Brush with Kindness programs this past year. In 2019-2020 we completed 8 projects, in 2020-2021 year we were completed 15 projects. In 2021-2022 we have completed more than 30 projects and are still going! The need is greater than it has ever been before.

One of our most recent projects is a family of 5, he youngest just a year old and the oldest around 8 with special needs. In January we were called because of a leaky roof, upon evaluation, the roof had been leaking so long that there was now black mold in the ceiling. With the littlest only one year old and the oldest with special needs, we knew that we had to get this health issue taken care of right away. Thanks to our roofing friends we were not only able to provide an entire roof, but also get rid of the mold. Now that the house is safe for everyone we can focus on the much needed gas line to the furnace. Due to the use of the space heaters to supplement the wood stove that doesn't heat the house, the electric bill has been sky high. Upon completion of the project, the home will be more energy efficient, reducing the electric bills and freeing up more money for basic needs such as diaper's that are not often available at the food banks and can not be purchased with bridge cards.

Helping support our programs makes it possible for us to ensure families have safe homes to live in.

We are asking today for your help in raising more funds to meet the needs of our applicants. Thanks to Consumers Energy we have an opportunity to match your donations $1 for every $2 donated through the Power of Home Campaign. We have a the opportunity to get up to $10,000 more dollars donated to us within the next week.

With your help together we can support and provide HOPE for families in Livingston County this holiday weekend!